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Good Vibrations with Boxer Mini Skid Steer Loaders

Click for latest Vibration Reports With the completion of an independent vibration assessment conducted by Earlsmere Ltd, commissioned by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council we now have reported figures on hand/arm vibration and full body vibration when working with the Boxer Mini Skid Steer Loaders.

Hand/arm vibration results recorded a measurement of 1 which working with Earlsmere vibrations measuring systems allows the operator to run for 8 hours continuously. One point was made to us that Earlsmere round up to a whole number and the actual reported figure was 0.2 which will allow over eight hours continuous operation.

Full body vibration figures reported on the Boxer Mini Skid Steer Loader were measured in points per hour and received a measurement of 17. These figures were exceptional and have a reported operator time of up to 24 hours - effectively 3 shifts.

These figures are representative of the test results by Earlsmere for Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council working on both their Boxers 322D and 532DX and with a wide selection of attachments.

Should you need to have figures for your own files, it would be necessary to have your own equipment officially tested. Please therefore contact Earlsmere direct in order to commission your own test.

Barnsley Council Earlsmere Ltd

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